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For, for example, Excel, is it possible to create a  ME floating or popup menu which would automatically and dynamically contain only those ME macros which have a scope (or name) including Excel? If so that would enable me to invoke that ME "Excel Menu" to see which Excel-relevant ME macros were available to me.

I know that I could manually create an "Excel Menu" whose scope includes "Excel". What I am asking is whether that menu could be automatically populated by Scope (or Keyword?) , so that if I add a new Excel-scope macro to ME, it would automatically appear on the Excel Menu.



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Not easily. There might be a way to create a macro that exports macro information periodically and processes that string data to determine which are scoped to Excel and then manually create the macro text and have it load the text as macro. But I think you would still need to restart the macro. If it could be done it would be very cumbersome and difficult. It would be far less work to simply add the new macro to the popup menu when things change.

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It may be worthwhile to automate, or semi-automate, the process of adding items to a menu. Much depends on how often you need to do this.

Many years ago, I decided to build a MEP script that (mostly) automated the task of adding items to a Macro Express menu. It was a tough slog. Over the years, I spent more hours than I would like to admit honing the script. I eventually got it to work reliably, but it's debatable whether it saved me any time.

However, there is no doubt that refining my scripting skills was far more enjoyable than it would have been to laboriously add menu items, 10 or 20 times a week, 48 weeks per year, for years and years.

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