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Crash 30% of times I stop the macro.

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I use a macro with a lot of modules (other macros but with the option "wait this macro to end to continue"), and sometimes when I stop the macro, I get a 3 sec global freeze and this error message :



It's rly annoying. If I clic ok, MEP quit, if not, I still can use it... But it's like worrisome. 

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I assume you mean you forcefully "stop the macro" manually?

Although in theory I suppose it should be possible to do so without any adverse effects, I'm not too surprised that a complex macro gets into trouble with the other OS stuff going on in a modern PC. So my three pence worth (approx 2 cents these days) is to either desist from premature termination or build some safer method into your macro.

Terry, East Grinstead, UK

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The crash is happening in the DLL, not MEP. It could well be that it's corrupt, you have bad memory, or any of a number of things. You should request support from ISS but I think it's more likely something in your system. If it were me I'd run ChkDsk and a hard drive diagnostic. Then I'd test your memory. Windows has a built in tool for this. I'd also run SFC

Here is a good guide. I'm not read it all but it sounds like most of the things I would try. 

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