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Processes.enumWinNTProcs pid size error:

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We are running Macro Express Pro (latest version) in a remote desktop environment. We have moments all our accounts freeze and CPU is 100% in use.  

When I check the log files we see a lot of these errors:


10:09:27:572: Processes.enumWinNTProcs pid size error:
  The size of pid may be too small 
  Sizeof(pid): 6144


Any one experienced this and knows what this error means? 

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Maybe see if you are launching too many processes. Maybe an infinite loop in the macro. 

Might also be that there are more processes running than MEP can enumerate? 

Yup. Contact ISS.

Also it would help to know more about what your macro is doing. And have you tried removing parts and checking to see what part is causing the problem. 


Are you running MEP on the remote system or are you trying to run MEP through the remote connection from the client machine?


Also don't forget that running MEP in a RDP session is often a bad idea. When you disconnect from it, the graphical portions disappear. All events, mouse clicks, keyboard typing, windows manipulations all cease to function. The only way around that is to use RDP to connect to the console session or to use an application like VNC.

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