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How do I mouse to a location on a named (non Windows) window

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My genealogy program running on Window 10 displays various windows where one can enter data or make selections.  I don't think these are actual microsoft windows, or at least I can't see their names, but they do have unique names, like "Citation" . On the Citation widow I would like to select the search Icon.  There is no keyword option on the widow to select it, it must be done with a mouse click
Is there a way to do this with Macro Express? 

Screenshot (107).png

Screenshot (108).png

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No. Sorry.


Those are MDI windows. Some apps will allow one to have SDI windows as an option however. Check your settings and documentation. 


Also look at the program documentation for navigation shortcuts. There may be a way within the program to navigate to the windows you want with keyboard shortcuts. 

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IF the Citation window ALWAYS appears in the same location on the screen, perhaps your macro could move the mouse to the specific location on the screen where the icon resides, then click the mouse.  I have several macros triggered by hotkeys that do this, and as long as I run full-screen windows, the icon location is consistent.  Of course, an application update sometimes moves the icons a little bit, then the macro must be adjusted for the new location. 

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1. Double check whether the Search button can reached via standard navigation techniques, such as pressing Tab and Shift + Tab. The key sequence might be quite strange, e.g., Tab, Tab, Right arrow.



2. Check whether Macro Express can "see" the Citations window when it's open. When setting the scope to Window-specific, does the Citation window appear anywhere in this list?




If the answer to both of these questions is no, then you'll need to resort to dodgy techniques that are possible yet labour-intensive to implement. For example: ensuring the window always appears in the same location and then clicking the same XY coordinate (as rberq suggested); searching for pixel colours; searching for changes in the shape of the mouse cursor; or combination of the above.

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