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CTRL-ALT-D macro works in win7, won't work in win10

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I don't have any good ideas. The only one I can think of is if Notepadex is UWP. Some people here have had luck with UWP apps but it's rare I get anything like a hotkey sequence to work in them. 

Maybe the key combination is already reserved in Notepadex. I looked online and several word processors like Word and WordPad use it. Temporarily try a radically different combination. Also what happens when MEP is disabled and you type that combination in to Notepadex?

Sorry I don't have any great ideas for you. 

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I agree with Cory. Notepadex might be UWP under Windows 10.


I don't have Notepadex, but I had no problem running your macro in other applications on my Windows 10 machine.


I simplified your macro. Maybe the four extra instructions are running interference? The date format "hnn" does output the hour and minute, but I'm noticing events are getting logged, which is not usual. I changed the format to "hhmm" (hh = hours, mm = minutes).


Date/Time: Type out an adjusted date/time using "yymmdd. hhmm" as the format

<DATE/TIME Format="yymmdd. hhmm" Flags="\x32" Date="30-Dec-1899" Day_Offset="0" Month_Offset="0" Year_Offset="0" Hour_Offset="0" Minute_Offset="0" Second_Offset="0" Variable="%T[1]%" IsDateVar="FALSE"/>


I can see that your script, at one point, saved the date value to a variable. It's not doing that now. Perhaps rebuild your macro from scratch, without including the unused variable.

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I just downloaded NotepadEx. It's not UWP. Your macro worked, without my modifications.


The reason your script didn't work when you tried: There are evil cosmic rays emanating from the brains of extraterrestrials on planet Omega Hyperbolic 4 who are disrupting life on earth. :)









































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42 minutes ago, acantor said:

There are evil cosmic rays emanating from the brains of extraterrestrials on planet Omega Hyperbolic 4 who are disrupting life on earth. :)


I can not discount acantor's theory. 


However, Google led me to this confusing statement: "I wrote Notepadex because ... I wanted a Notepad look-alike without the 32KB file size limitation and with a fast text search and replace function, and not much more."  Confusing because standard Notepad does not seem to have a 32KB file size limit, and it does have a "Replace all" function. 


You might find it fun to take the standard Notepad, and write macros to add the features you are missing. 

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Notepad has been changing also. Mostly in Windows 10. You might check that you have the most recent version before dismissing. I know for sure that the Windows 7 version is different that the 10. I remember we had one thing that occured here and that is it switched from being only ASCII/ANSI to supporting many encoding types. And, by default, it now uses UTF-8. Which MEP users need to be aware of because even if a file only contains ACSII, it will still have a BOM at the beginning. 

Also I don't see much about Notepadex. It seems that most opt for Notepad++.

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Sorry, I didn't realize there is more than (1) notepadex.
I am using the "Dutch replacement for the infernal Notepad in Windows. Author: Timo van Roermund"
Notepadex circa 1992
Tjme to update??

NotepadEx by T.A. van Roermund v.


I think what i am looking for is something like a  Hot Key Detective to show me who is taking keystrokes over....

(so I can get them back....)

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Interesting. Seems a bit dubious to me. Maybe two of them are pretending to be something they're not for nefarious reasons. I'd stick with something more mainstream and well vetted. Good luck. 

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