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I accidentally found an easier way to launch DOS commands yesterday; I have always had to use "bat" or even "lnk" files to get them to work, and I can't see that others have documented these; attrib/ set/ move/ xcopy as examples in this macro.


What do you think?



(Joe - you also had to use bat files (rather than just launch with parameters) for attrib before?;

Attrib bat


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That's interesting. I was just thinking about this as i have to create a macro to change a whole bunch of NTFS permissions. I found a command line utility in the resource kit but was wondering how to integrate it with ME. Thanks!

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That is a neat trick. Thank you for demonstrating it. I plan on using it in some of my macros.


This macro will not work on systems running Windows 98, Me or 95 but a simple change will allow it to run. Change the lines that say

Program Launch: "cmd.exe"


Program Launch: %ComSpec%

This causes Macro Express to ask Windows what program to use to load DOS. Windows 9x uses Command.exe while Windows 2003, XP, 2000 and NT use cmd.exe.

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Thanks, Kevin,

Using %comspec% you would have to change the

        If Not Window Title "%comspec%" running
line too; I will do it later.

I don't have all commands running , though; eg "set variable=something"; ? needs change in default directory (as does "attrib")

Best, Randall

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I'd like to thank you for your demonstration also. I've read in other posts about your preference for using the Environmental Variables with ME. I had it in the back of my mind to look closer at what you said.


Delete File or Files: "%AnswerTXT%"
Variable Set String %T7% "%DirPath%\hta3\*"
Variable Modify String: Append "%T3%%CRLF%" to %T4%

In your example, I see that you are using the Environmental Variable directly in your ME commands. It never crossed my mind to do it that way. Great idea.

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If you found dOS commands useful, here it is with more commands;This link Switches mainly defined

Note that DOS "FindStr" allows picking a line of text from text file (or directory of text files) using Wildcard matches ([Regular expressions]) (Wildcard is ".*", rather than "*"!!)



Attachment below with more help, and more options selectable

Best, Randall


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