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Passing ME values in External Script

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I've capture some values from user in ME variables. I'm passing these values to External Script variables so that the same can be entered to a specific field in an application(by using the IE.document.getElementById).


I'm not sure why it is not passing the ME value in ES script ?


ME script


Variable Set String %Cmmt% to "Did you check the Patient Name on CL : %Pat_Name%


Did you check the Legal Entity from COC : %Leg_Ent%

Did you check the Emp Name and Address : %Emp_Name%

Did you check the Group name and Number : %Grp_Name%

Did you check the DOS : %DOS%

Did you check the claim amount and service type : %Clm_Amt%

Did you check the summary statement as per the appeal FLN : %Sum_Stat%

Did you mentioned the correct copay, coins and ded as per plan : %Copay%

Did you copy and paste the benefits direct from the COC : %Ben%

Did you resolve all the issue of appeallent by adding the standard
language : %Stan_lan%

Did you check the second level rights from Section 6 of the COC : %Second_Level_Right%

Did you check second level Hearing / Review : %Hear_Rev%

Did you check the limit for the expedited appeals from section 6 of the COC : %Exp_App%

Did you check ERISA rights from the COC : %ERISA%

Did you check the appeant party member / provider : %Mem_Pro%



External script


'Option Explicit

Dim IE
Dim cmmt
Dim URLFound
Call Look_For_URL
If URLFound = True Then
IE.Visible = True
cmmt = %cmmt%
IE.document.getElementById"ETSMaster_MainContentPlaceHolder_ETSComments_cboCommentType_ETSddlStd").Value = 9
IE.document.getElementById("ETSMaster_MainContentPlaceHolder_ETSComments_txtComment").Value = cmmt

End If






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When you declare a variable with Option Explicit I'm pretty sure you need to define type. EG "Dim cmmt as String". At least you need to do that in VB.Net. And it's always a good habit to get into. ALWAYS define your types. But that shouldn't effect this.


You don't need a variable in this script. Where you have cmmt you can and should use a literal string. EG "IE.document....Value = cmmt" should be "IE.document....Value = "%cmmt%"". Note you use quote marks around literal strings. Again this shouldn't affect how this functions.


I don't see how this would work but then again you're presumably not including the function "Look_For_URL". But even then I don't see how this code would work. I don't see you creating objects here. Like getElementById should return an element collection. IE "Dim MyElementCollection = IE.document.getElementById". But maybe there's something different about the syntax in VBScript. But this doesn't look right to me and I think you should create this as a VBS file and try to execute it manually as I have explained before.


In you macro right before this create a variable named ScriptText and set it exactly the same as what you have in the external script command. Then save that variable to a text file MyTestScript.vbs and put an abort command right after that. Now inspect that file. You should see %Cmmt% replaced by the text the user entered. Assuming it is correct execute MyTestScript.vbs manually and see if it works. I'm guessing you will get debugger errors.


With External Script I always write the scripts in a text editor or development application. Once it's working perfectly I would then go in and remove the variable and replace the literal text with the MEP variables.

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