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Why this odd result?

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%tAlternative% may truly have length 24, but leading or trailing blanks may be disappearing during the Display. Try this:


Set a variable to the asterisk, or a capital X, or anything you like.

Variable Set String %tX% "X"

Then concatenate your new variable to the beginning and end of %tAlternative%, and display your new concatenated variable. You will then be able to see whether there are embedded leading or trailing blanks.


Or simply right-trim and left-trim %tAlternative% before setting the length.

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Thanks Bob, you're right. The macro later steps leftward from the end of tAlternative looking for the first '\' . I temporarily added a Text Display to show this character. I also used your suggestion, but simply with Add Text.


It seems there are 2 invisible characters at the end of every Excel cell, probably CR LF, because the display continues on a new line. And in a text editor a Backspace just jumps up to the right of the visible string.


I'll use Right Trim.


Terry, East Grinstead, UK

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