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win key not working


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I am also noticing something unusual about assigning the Win key in ME Pro:


Text Type (Simulate Keystrokes): <WIN>

After running the command that includes this statement, nothing seems to happen. But then I press a key that includes <WIN> as a modifier. For example, when I press "D" or "P" the computer responds as though I had pressed <WIN>d (minimize all windows and show the desktop) or <WIN>p (display options).


It would be interested to find out what happens with <WIN DOWN> and <WIN UP>


At any rate, this behaviour is not as expected. You may have discovered a bug, so submit a report to the good folks at Insight Software!



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Congratulations on finding a bug. Will you file a bug report?


Here is a workaround, which works for me:


Instead of Text Type <WIN>, substitute Text Type <CONTROL><ESC>.

Ctrl+Esc has been the non-Windows key way to invoke the Start menu since Windows 95. It works in Windows 7, I think I have tried it in Windows 10, but I am not sure about Windows 8.

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A clue to the answer is in acantor's answer. TextType <CONTROL><ESC> works like Control Key Down, ESC, Control Key Up. This can also be written like this: TextType <CTRLD><ESC><CTRLU>

If you use <WIN> in a TestType command it affects the next keystroke. For example, use TextType <WIN>e to bring up File Explorer. This can also be written like this: TextType <WIND>e<WINU>.

So, as garlicnonions & Stan said, to bring up the Start Menu To just press and release the Windows key: TextType: <WIND><WINU>

All modifier keys work this way in Macro Express and Macro Express Pro. Any of these affect the next keystroke: <ALT>, <CTRL>, <SHIFT> and <WIN>.

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