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Hi, is it possible that after I have written 6 numbers in the box shown in the picture that macro express pro can run a macro automaticly?

As in the macro that's going to run will only run after 6 numbers have been typed in this box.


If you know which commands that can be used to make this I will be eternally grateful:) 


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In theory the answer is yes. But it may not be practical.


The first digit would need to always be the same. Let's say it's zero. Then configure Macro Express so that "0" is a prefix key for ShortKey activation.


Then create 100,000 macros with these nicknames:









You can automate the process of creating these macros using a Macro Express script. It might take a couple of hours to run, but you'd only need to do so once.


This would be a fun and interesting exercise, but in my view, Macro Express is not the ideal tool for this task!

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Trigger the counting macro when the entry screen appears. 


Variable Set Integer %N1% to 0
Repeat Until %N1% >= 6
  Wait for Key Press: Any Key
  Variable Modify Integer: Inc (%N1%)
Repeat End
Text Box Display: xxxxxxxxxx (done, so start whatever other macro you want to run)

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