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  1. I've never used this in production and certainly not in Firefox, but it's probably worth the experiment... Ctrl+F Find dialog unique label text The text before the input-tag (doesn't matter whether its in a real label-tag or just some designating text before the input) Enter Find it, select (highlight) it Esc Close the Find dialog TAB To the input field Make shure the label can be found or handle the not found popup!
  2. Note that you can type %T2% directly but you must use upper case T... This should increase johnboy691's development process
  3. I'm not completely shure what yout mean, but selecting can be done in several ways. Going through multiple fields you might consider using TAB. Depending on the type of field the value probably is selected then. You can of course focus the text field by a mouse click and then do Text Type: <HOME><SHIFT><END> Is this a clue you're looking for?
  4. In the Macro Explorer (the editor) the Commands pane has a category Mouse. Double click the Mouse Left Button command (or middle or right) and a popup appears giving you variants as double clicking. Highlighting can be done with the left button but afaik you'll need the right button to copy (via the context menu). You can do Text Type: c Alternatives to copy and paste are of course the shortkeys Ctrl+C Ctrl+V Shift+F10 for context menu
  5. In Internet Explorer: use Alt+d (not shure about other browsers, but I assume they have a similar shortkey as well). Now the URL is selected, so you can copy it. I'm not at the office with a real Macro Express so beware of typos. Make a copy of the string variable containing the URL (here T90). Find out where this page argument begins: find the position of ?page= in the URL. Variable Set Integer %N90% from Position of Text in Variable %T90% N90 + 6 is the first digit of the number you're looking for. Get rid of everything before that point (that's why you should make a copy first). Copy from T90 to T90 beginning at the N90th character until the end of the string (the 99999th character). Variable Modify String: Copy Part of %T90% to %T90% Now you have to look for the first nonnumeric charcter (or the end of the string). Repeat Count 99999, Start 1, Step 1, Place Counter in Variable N91 Repeat Start (Repeat 99999 times) Copy from T90 to T91 1 character from Starting Position N91 Variable Modify String: Copy Part of %T90% to %T91% Loop until T91 contains another character, then break If Variable %T91% < "0" OR If Variable %T91% > "9" Break End If Repeat End N91 now holds the length of the number. Copy from T90 to T90 N91 characters from Starting Position 1 Variable Modify String: Copy Part of %T90% to %T90%
  6. I hope you realise you have to process the list of files from the highest number back to one? Suppose these files exist 01.jpg 02.jpg 03.jpg 04.jpg Now renameing 01.jpg to 02.jpg conflicts with the existing file 02.jpg etc. So rename 04->05, 03->04, 02->03, 01->02. Sorting: click on the column header in your Explorer window (maybe using Get Control). If sorting is the problem, try the built in Rename File or Files command. With a Repeat use the counter variable to rename the file directly.
  7. I asume you want to do the following: If "ACH Unathorized CCDs.csv" exists then do 3 copy actions. If "Five Star Credits.pdf" exists then do 3 copy actions. These two lines are not related to each other, but you placed an Else in between. Your code states: If "ACH Unathorized CCDs.csv" exists then do 3 copy actions Else (if "ACH Unathorized CCDs.csv" doesn't exist) and If "Five Star Credits.pdf" exists then 3 copy actions. Make separate code blocks for each file starting with If File Exists. Note that every Else is optional (see the bottem of your example).
  8. Do you mean something like this? If File Exists: "aaa11111.pdf" Rename File or Files:"aaa11111.pdf" Move File or Files "bbb11111.pdf" End If If File Exists: "QQtoday" Rename File or Files:"QQtoday" Move File or Files "QQ20070608" End If If File Exists: "x.csv" Rename File or Files:"x.csv" Move File or Files "Gross Sales.xls" End If In Macro Explorer: category Files/Folders (and category Logic for If and End If)
  9. You can calculate the center position yourself, assign screen width and height with Variable Set Integer. How can a macro determine the user's screen resolution is? (800 x 600, etc.) And of course divide by 2...
  10. FYI: Sort of... in date format YYYYMMDD you can do an ASCII comparison. The ASCII value (character number) of 3 is smaller than the ASCII value of 4... Date: Save YYYYMMDD (20000319) into %T90% If Variable %T90% > variable %T95% You'd better use the Text - Date command to get the proper format. Note that you can also compare timestamps (date & time) but remember that a date with time addition is always larger than one without. Date: Save YYYYMMDD (20000319) into %T90% Time: Save hhmm (1544) into %T91% Variable Modify String: Append %T91% to %T90% If Variable %T90% > variable %T95%
  11. Quoting Joseph Weinpert: Macro Express Explained: Try two Macro Run commands within the Ctrl Up en Down: Control Key Down Macro Run: MacroThatStartsWithControlJ Macro Run: MacroThatStartsWithControlK Control Key Up
  12. Neither did I miss GoTo and there might be a better way to code your problem. But answering your questing, try something like Repeat 1 times Action01 If Condition = Right Break End If Action02 If Condition = Right Break End If Action03 If Condition = Right Break End If End Repeat FinalAction Note that I coded this without ME so please pay no attention to the syntax
  13. You might be looking for User Submitted Macro: Heartbeat
  14. In the Replace Substring command, did you check the checkbox Replace All Instances?
  15. Consider something like this: The disadvantage is the obligation to wait a while (3 seconds) whether the Error popup appears...
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