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Clicking on an item in a dropdown button


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I want my macro to click on the dropdown arrow next to a button in my program (so a dropdown menu opens), then select an item from the list and click on it. How would I go on about doing this?


edit: the thing is, I get it to click on the arrow by doing Click on control and giving coordinates (86,5). So then the dropdown thing opens but if I issue a new click command with new coordinates (86, 50: should be on the item I wish to click on), nothing happens. I only see the menu open very shortly and immediately disappear again. Clues?


edit2: I think the menu that opens is actually a different control that is hidden until someone clicks on the dropdown arrow. But how can I capture this new control?

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As you're not telling which application it is, where you want to do this, i might be all wrong. When i work in e.g Excel i open with ALT+Arrow down. You're able to accomplish this with Text Type command.


I've circumvented this problem by using absolute mouse move. The program's CSI, probably unknown to most of you :)

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Usually one can use a simple Text Type. For instance when filling out a form with states for shipping Montana is a pain fiven the nuimber of M states. Usually you can just type "Montana" or enough of it to be unique to get what you want. Also you can simply down arrow X number of times.

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